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My Top 5 Online Dating Misadventures Fetishist in disguise. When I finally made the plunge to start an online dating profile I was excited and nervous at the The 40 year old virgin. I don’t 8. "Put a profile online. Got a few hits back. "One girl wanted to chat on the phone. No problem. "In the space of about 9 minutes she made it clear, no less than 15 times that I had to be  · Horrible Online Dating Stories To Keep You Single. Holy shit: the internet is teeming with awesomely horrible people for you to date. We asked for your stories, and you Friends of FLARE rounded up their legit worst dating experiences—all for your enjoyment. Dating can be the worst. Between deadbeat dudes, f-ck boys, ghosting and straight-up The guy who *really* likes spreadsheets. "I went on a four-hour (FOUR-HOUR) Tinder date with a match who proceeded to walk me through the intricacies of Excel. Every day he charted his ... read more

No answer. Text the next day, no answer. Call in 2 days and finally she answered the phone and says kinda loudly 'stop contacting me or I am calling the police! A few weeks in, he told me I was almost perfect, except my upper arms were fat.

I think he meant it as a compliment, but the 2nd part was all I heard. So I'm on the site just messaging a few random girls and start talking to this girl that seemed pretty nice. During the dinner I not only found out she only just turned 20 which really isn't that big of a deal but she was also the daughter of one of the Chiefs on my ship. It had never been mentioned she had kids, even after I specifically asked.

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The accuracy and authenticity of each story cannot be confirmed by our staff. Got a few hits back. No problem. Nevertheless, this was not known to Cynthia and the romantic notion of dating a man so brooding and deep sent shivers down her spine.

Aaron had planned dinner and movie, a little unoriginal especially for a writer with their finger on romance's pulse, however she assumed he was flustered or nervous and opted for the old standby.

The date happened, however, there was nothing poetic about it. Dinner was at the fabulous IKEA food bar and the entrée was the five dollar plate of Swedish Meatballs, he even splurged enough so they could each get their own platter as well. Then it was off to the movie, not the latest blockbuster, or even a tired Romantic Comedy either. No, instead it was a movie shown in the local park, for free. Yes, that's pretty romantic for those who can get passed the fact that it's free.

But it wasn't just any movie. It was Spongebob Squarepants, and the park was full of children. When Aaron brought out the small blanket and looked at her and asked, "Why didn't you bring your own blanket?

Maybe, Aaron, it's because she thought it wouldn't be necessary at the cinema, being indoors and all. It's possible that the poet was inspired after the date. Perhaps in the realm of heartbreak since Cynthia never returned his calls.

Poetic justice at its finest. Michelle was a single mother, she put her son first and foremost, all the same, this didn't help on the lonely nights where more than a friendly embrace was needed. She swallowed her pride and signed up with one of the dating sites online. She met Matthew after the first week of sorting through countless emails.

He was level-headed, career-minded, and he loved children. After exchanging emails the two decide to meet for a drink the following Friday. Upon meeting, Michelle picks up on a strange vibe. He seemed to be infantilizing her, speaking to her as a child almost. Matthew told her how great it was that she was a "mommy" and when Michelle attempted to explain that she was more than just a parent and share her philosophy on the task of balancing life and child, he stops her and says, "You'll always be a mommy, that's the gift you get for having your son.

He continued to belittle her and for the most part, simply wasn't listening to anything Michelle was saying. When she attempted to point this out and let Matthew know how much she didn't appreciate it, that she worked very hard and earned her place in life.

All in a friendly tone gently nudging Matthew to understand that she was a strong, independent woman who needed no coddling. He gave her a disgusted look and, while shaking his head, said that he was glad to find out how ugly she was on the inside so early in the relationship. Suffice it to say, Michelle found that her son was the only man she needed in her life after all.

Jennifer was optimistic. She had never dated an artist before and the idea that he would enlighten her or show her a new perspective was very appealing. After spending a meticulous amount of time getting ready, Jennifer headed out to meet her Van Gogh. Upon meeting Bryan, she noticed he had a bad habit, he never shut up.

Not just that, he spent the better part of the "date" talking about his current art project that was an interpretation of an event his father experienced over forty years prior. Finally, needing a breath one could imagine, Bryan stops talking long enough to ask Jennifer if she did anything creative, what was her outlet? She responded that she enjoyed documenting things, writing down events and describing them with verbal art; a writer. She did so in a succinctly prim manner, being somewhat turned off by the obviously ego-laden artist.

Bryan snorted at her answer and replied, "That's a little self-absorbed. I don't know if you've heard of a second date, but, it's way too mainstream for these two, and Jennifer never saw Bryan again. Samantha was not enjoying herself. After meeting Alex online, she thought what harm could one date be? However, she instantly knew she was not attracted to him. They were too different and she could tell by the way Alex mansplained everything, they would clash before too long.

Nonetheless, the two had planned to shop some unique international grocery stores in Alex's neighborhood. Samantha discovered you could like someone even less than not at all. He went about pointing out everything and telling her what it was, "That's a baby eggplant! Samantha distanced herself as Alex continued to suggest he knew everything, at least, more than Sam knew.

After the grocery store tour, the plan had been to head out for a couple of beers, however, a storm moved in and forced the two under a small bus shelter. No matter the signs that Samantha had placed out, such as No, Stop, and Not Gonna Happen, Alex was blind to these glaringly obvious signals.

He leaned in for the kiss, and without enough room to stop him, Samantha was forced to allow it. However, once the rain stopped, she made her escape to the subway. Samantha was sure she had not met a more pertinacious, egotistical man in her entire life and the next day the message she got from Alex sealed the deal, "I thought after meeting you I would never have to use this [dating] site again. Not all online matches lead to dates. Some don't even leave the draft board. Gerald was close, however, still far off from the goal.

He had made plans to take a match out to a night of dinner, dancing, and libations, the quintessential first date.

He had spent the week meticulously planning the event down to the very tiniest detail. Even the walk through the eclectic street fair from the eatery to the club was a detail planned by Gerald. He could hardly wait for Friday night to come. All for not, Gerald's date would have a situation that forced her to cancel their plans. She told him that her family pet, the cat, had been viciously attacked by a wild dog the night before, resulting in the end of the poor kitty's life.

While he didn't want to be insensitive, three circumstances gave him a tongue-in-cheek attitude. First, she told him this by text message. Secondly, although it happened the night before, she texted him this cancellation an hour before their date, and finally.

The third caveat, she was still dating an ex-boyfriend and to please not contact her again. Gerald was happy to oblige all the same, a little downtrodden.

However, controlling himself was not the problem. She continued to send Gerald emails, mixtapes, emotional rants, and other messages. Well, she did say for him not to contact her again. Rosa was in a slump. Odd for any woman, she had not gotten a message in some time. Granted, it was a welcomed reprieve since the normal messages amounted to propositions and pictures of things you shouldn't see of another until you've at least spoken for a minute.

No matter, one day she sees that a new message has arrived in her dating site inbox. Expecting the worst, she actually finds a polite message simply asking, "Hey, I think you are cute and was wondering if you wanted to chat sometime? Everything looked kosher, however, he had a kid and, for Rosa, children were not her cup of tea. Generally, she would delete the message and move on to the next, all the same, being in a dry spell, she chose to respond with a let-him-down-easy kind of message.

She thanked the man for the nice words and while normally she would enjoy at least chatting, the fact that he was a single father, having a kid, was not something she was interested in. Rosa closed the letter wishing him luck and thought it the end. The next day, Rosa sees that she has another message from the same gentleman.

Opening it, expecting a standard "you too" response to her gentle rejection letter, she is taken aback by what she reads. The male user proceeds to go on an angry tirade.

Citing that his profile made no mention of looking for a replacement mother and that the real mom was still on good terms with him, he was stronger for being a single father, and that Rosa was just a horrible person for being so judgmental. Rosa can only surmise what he expected to achieve out of such a rant.

If it was to inspire her to see the err of her ways, it did. She never responded to anyone she wasn't interested in again. Carla had found what many online daters find when she thought that finally a decent catch had landed. He was tall, handsome, intelligent, and an artist notice a pattern? His first message was laden with shared interests with in-depth details, asked the right questions, and provided key insights into who he was. Carla was smitten and quickly emailed back.

This began what was thought a romance, Gmail style. The two were swapping messages five to six times per day for weeks. He sent her images of his artwork which, according to Carla, is very good and that she still has the pictures. In Carla's mind they were a couple, although they had yet to meet. Finally, one night Carla suggests that they speak over the phone, grudgingly he agrees and what follows is an awkward conversation very different than what she was used to.

Chalking it up to him being shy, Carla suggests that it's time to meet and they should get dinner at the end of the week. He agrees and says to send him the details via email. She writes an email instructing him to meet her at a favorite diner around six on Friday. Carla sent the email with high hopes only to have them shattered. The artist that captivated her, never responded nor did she ever hear from him again.

This happened to her with a few more men and it gave her a complex, as if she was doing something wrong. What Carla didn't realize was that she had encountered Bunkers. Those who cannot go on physical dates because they lead a sheltered life with room for one.

We've been together for almost two years and have been engaged for nearly a year. We decided to finally hang out, but he said I had to pick him up since he didn't have a car that should've been my first clue. I went to pick him up, and the first thing he does when he gets in the car is pat my belly and say, 'A little too much beer, yeah? You're gonna have to lose that if we date. The app always made it easy to spot the guys who were worth getting to know, and easy to tell which guys were there strictly for hookups.

I met my last boyfriend on Tinder, and we ended up dating for about nine months. After we broke up, I met my current boyfriend, and we are celebrating our two-year anniversary tonight!

However, something just kept telling me there was something off about him. He kept getting really pushy about meeting up at places I was not comfortable with.

I finally decided to unmatch him. Fast-forward about a month, and I'm at work. I happen to be a corrections officer at the regional jail in my area. I am working one of the male units, and an inmate walks up to my desk and says he knows me. After interviewing him, it turns out it's the guy I matched with and decided not to meet.

It turns out he is in on kidnapping charges. Needless to say, I changed units and told my supervisors immediately. We matched on December 23rd last year while I was at my mom's house for Christmas.

I jokingly asked he if she would come with me to Christmas Eve Mass the following day with my mom and me, and she agreed! She met me at my house and brought my mom a present. We went to church and came back to the house, where she helped me decorate the tree, and then we watched Home Alone after.

Still one of my favorite days. We started dating officially five months later. Fast-forward into the date and he disappeared and came back holding a sandwich-sized bag half full of what looked like broken glass. Crack, my Tinder date had crack. I politely declined his offer and then, when I had the opportunity, made an exit.

We've been together almost a year, and I recently moved out of state to live with him. We talked through text for about a week before we met. After meeting, we clicked immediately. This guy was going to take me to see Finding Dory, and he showed up 15 minutes late.

I was just asking him questions about himself, but he started answering the questions with information about ME because he had completely stalked my Facebook page beforehand. He then fell asleep during the movie. I decided not to see him again after that date. matched on Tinder about a year and three months ago. Tinder definitely won this round. I could not get out of there fast enough! We've been dating for almost two years, and I'm his first legitimate girlfriend.

We have the best chemistry, but our personalities can be pretty different. He's very laid-back, and I can be a little high maintenance at times, but that's what makes us so great. He helps me realize I don't need to stress about the small stuff, and I help him with things that may stress him out, etc. We're not just best friends but soulmates, and we have already started building a life together. And this is all ironic because we both used to be super skeptical of Tinder and online dating relationships, yet for both of us, it was pretty much love at first sight , and that's something neither of us had before.

At the time, I was so sick of Tinder and dating altogether. I replied, thinking, Let's see how far this goes before he turns into a creep. To my shock, we ended up in a really odd but funny conversation, and he asked me out the same night! For our first date, we met up for coffee and a movie. I was really nervous, as I like to have a nice supply of alcohol on dates in case things get awkward.

And they were, as we were two strangers sitting in a dark movie theater next to each other in what turned out to be a three-hour movie. But luckily, he asked if I wanted to get a drink afterward, and I happily obliged.

We closed down the bar, and I was beaming when I got home. After our second date, he said he would like to see me again but never made plans. So I took the reigns and asked him out. We decided to go for bottomless brunch. Long story short, we got wasted on a Sunday morning and spent the whole day walking around town. We just got back from a trip to the West Coast and celebrated our first anniversary!

Just this time last year, I was waiting for him to turn into a fuckboy, and he has proved me wrong every time. He turned me into a mushy cuddle monster, and I can't imagine there ever was a time he was not in my life. He then asked me to "play Animal Crossing while I gag on his huge schlong.

A couple of years ago, when Tinder was pretty new in LA, my guy friend told me about this great new dating app. I told him I would check it out. I met my boyfriend within the first week of using Tinder. We have been together for two and half years, and we discuss marriage and our wedding plans all the time.

People never believe we met on Tinder, but yes we did! I agreed, and then he ends up showing up at p. Once he got there, he explained that he was late because he had to pick up his dry cleaning. He also informed me that I had 25 minutes to introduce myself, since he had to leave at 1 p.

for a workout session with his trainer. He left at exactly 1 p. He also left me with the bill one of the worst dates of my life! He would drive out to see me at least twice a week I didn't have my license at the time in snowstorms that extended the drive time to an hour or two on really bad days. Our first and second date was coffee at Tim Hortons. Our third date was a really horrible movie that we saw in theater and were legitimately the only people there; we made fun of it together the entire time.

Now we're engaged, have an apartment together, and a cat. He's the most incredible person in the entire world, and I couldn't imagine life without him. So I agreed, and he picked me up, parked his car, and started walking.

Holy shit: the internet is teeming with awesomely horrible people for you to date. We asked for your stories, and you good god, you delivered. Let's skip the foreplay and get right to the dirtiest half-dozen.

I have known a girl — who we will call Molly — since we were young. I know her immediate family very well. We grew up and drifted apart, but stayed friends on Facebook. Flash forward to last year, when I was a college student.

I received several messages from a cute lady on OkCupid, and I was psyched until I saw that there was a steep language barrier and she was looking for women to have sex with her while her husband watched, which is not my bag. Her entire profile was "my master" this and "my master" that; he was this remarkably jacked bald white something, and she was a slender, pretty Asian something who had met him while he was stationed overseas.

Her pictures didn't show full frontal, but she basically came as close to all-out porn as she could without breaking the rules; mostly in costumes obviously meant to play on her heritage, and all of it with coy sexual captions about how her master likes her holes.

I glanced at the master's profile, saw his thoughts on feminism the only time he gets in touch with his feminine side is to give it a firm spanking like the dirty little slut that it is , snorted, and moved on. This summer, I started flipping through photos of my old friend Molly that had been tagged on Facebook. I came across one in particular, and I stared at it for a while, because I couldn't figure out why the man with his arm around her looked so familiar.

The caption said that Molly was his niece, and I eventually decided that it was pinging me strangely just because he looked like his brother, Molly's father, who was almost like a second dad to me when we were kids.

Then I clicked "next" in the album. It was a picture of the woman from the OkCupid sexytimes pictures. I realized why Molly's uncle had looked so familiar: he was the proud anti-feminist who had wanted to get off on me having sex with his wife. So now I'm in this weird place where I've seen mostly-naked very sexual pictures of my childhood friend's aunt dressed up like a Vietnamese prostitute.

I met him on Match, which I'd joined as an attempt to tiptoe back into dating after a very painful divorce. He sent me a message saying my profile was intriguing and he would love a shot at meeting me. I looked over his profile and quickly deduced that we weren't a match. He had written a long missive about his passion for football and annoyance with women who didn't understand at the time, I hated football , and he claimed to be a devoted Christian and a staunch Conservative I am neither of these and don't much enjoy hearing about either.

I politely declined his request for a meeting, and this seemed to only egg him on. I'd say, "I don't meet any of your clearly articulated criteria," to which he'd reply, "Maybe you're worth opening my mind a bit. We went back and forth for a week or two with me insisting we weren't right for each other and him playfully arguing that I was too interesting for him to let me get away.

He said he'd become accustomed to women throwing themselves at him apparently he's some sort of successful business owner and semi-pro ball player, yay! I'll admit, I was flattered by his persistence and impressed by his confidence, so I finally agreed to meet at a restaurant for dinner. He was decent looking, although a big hoss of a fellow, and he came across as intelligent, witty, and confident in person.

He said he was recently divorced and had a 3 year old daughter. He seemed nice enough, but I really wasn't feeling a spark, and after a couple hours, began to find his self-assurance somewhat obnoxious.

For reasons I still don't quite understand, I nevertheless agreed to join him for ice cream after our meal, and accepted his offer to drive. We live near the coast and somehow he talked me into pulling into a parking lot near a public beach to chat and finish our ice cream. Although I didn't really think it would work out, I let him kiss me What can I say?

It had been a while and when it got a little too hot and heavy, I stopped it and said I was ready to head back to my car. He started whining and begging me for sex, saying that I couldn't just leave him in turned on like that.

At first I laughed it off, but he grew increasingly desperate, telling me he was "about to explode. That's when he whipped it out of his pants and proceeded to masturbate, right there in the driver's seat. I was too relieved that this massive dude hadn't tried to rape me to feel scared, and I had to force myself to look away, trapped in a combination of absolute horror and fascination.

He sat there stroking away enthusiastically, moaning about how good it felt, while I pressed myself against the passenger door, trying to stay as far away as possible and looking around for potential help in case things got any worse. When he was almost finished, he said in a breathless voice, "Where do you want me to put it? When I didn't respond, he continued, "Where should I cum? Can I put it on your tits or can you at least give me your hand?

I probably should have just run away, but the empty beach at night seemed more dangerous than this now-spent perv, so I let him take me back to my car. He acted like nothing strange had happened and told me he'd had a great time.

As soon as I saw my car, I ran without even looking back and went home and showered. He actually sent me another message asking for another shot. I disable my Match account and basically disappeared from the cyber universe for months.

Technically, I think it probably qualified as some sort of sexual assault, but after telling the story of the "Masterdater" to my friends over and over, I had laughed too much to feel traumatized. A few months later, I was eating pancakes at IHOP with my new boyfriend now husband , and I spotted the Masterdater eating with a woman and a 3 year old little girl.

Both of them were wearing wedding rings, and from the look of panic on his face when we briefly made eye contact, I feel pretty sure he was married the entire time we corresponded. After what I'd let him get away with, I was very tempted to go over and ask him if he's whacked off on any first dates lately.

If only the kid hadn't been there…. Bite-sized language lessons Babbel's language lessons are created by real language experts to help you converse in real-world conversations. After we ordered a pizza and settled in to watch the first movie, he paused it, turned to me, and started ranting about how women are whores and how hard it is to be a rich guy.

I was really uncomfortable and told him so, and he apologized and resumed the movie. Five minutes later, same thing happened again. I firmly told him that I'd like to go home, so he said he'd drive me. When I get into the car, he peels away so fast that I can't get my seatbelt on. He hits a cement pillar on his way out and the hood of his car starts to smoke, but he doesn't stop, and he's going so fast that I am slammed into the door, him, the windshield, etc.

like a bean in a tin can. He starts saying crazy stuff like, "Oh, I'll get you home, but I don't know what condition you'll be in when you get there," and "Oh, I'll get you home, I don't know when, but you'll be home sometime!

Still couldn't get my seatbelt on. Someone suddenly pulls out in front of him and he slams the car to a stop; I hit the windshield, and in an incredible feat of awesomeness, grab the handle of the car and open it, propelling myself out of the car as he hits the gas pedal. I hit the ground and started running as fast as I could I ducked behind cars in a parking lot and crouched behind them until he drove away. I called my roommate and she wouldn't answer her phone, and I didn't have anybody around, and my purse was in that loser's car, so I ended up walking a few miles until a cab went by; I convinced him to drive me to my mom's far away and that she'd pay him when I got there.

A couple of years ago, I joined jdate; set up a profile, added a couple of pictures, noted a couple of my interests - as you're meant to do. I started chatting to a couple of guys on there who seemed interesting and then I was messaged by 'David'. David seemed sweet - reasonably witty, decent banter, liked the West Wing - what wasn't to like?! We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet the following week at a pub down the road.

My first Jdate! I should at this point mention that, although I don't really remember exactly how the conversation turned to this, I must have mentioned that I like the Muppets. And I do like the Muppets - again, what's not to like?!

But it was a throwaway comment and I obviously did not think much of it at the time. How wrong I was. We met the following week; I was full of excitement, he brought along a duffel bag and there was no spark at all. The witty banter I had come to expect from him was just not there - he was nervous, fidgety, and told me, once I'd ordered a glass of wine, that if I died on the road that night because of my drinking that he would not feel guilty.

Stuck for something non awkward to say, I asked him why he'd brought along a giant duffel bag. His eyes lit up and mumbled something about how he'd hoped to save them for later in the evening to 'spice it up' but since I'd asked he unzipped the bag and from within, pulled out - Kermit. A full sized, proper, hardcore Kermit the muppet.

He put Kermit on his knee and started to do what I believe was his Kermit impression. Believe me, it was not Kermit, but someone sounding exceptionally constipated. I like to think of myself as a reasonably nice, polite, North West London Jewish Girl, but even I couldn't see a way out of this. He told me he had 40 other muppets at home and that since I'd told him that I also loved the Muppets?! we were obviously meant to be.

we were not. I made my excuses, downed my glass, and headed for the door. He still messages me to this day and if I ever see him around unfortunately, the Jewish social scene in London is smaller than I would like , I tell him I have a boyfriend. Let me start by saying that I was really only looking to hook up. I had just been dumped by my boyfriend and am not the bar type and so I figured that online dating would be a reasonable option.

com" and had been talking to a guy for about two days before agreeing to meet him. Mike" had told me that he used online dating because he was suffering from depression and was on medication that made it hard for him to perform. He decided that it was easier to meet girls this way than to meet up in person and then have to explain when they started getting physical.

He went on to tell me though that he "had a good feeling" about me and that I was "exciting" to him despite his medication. I was cool with this and decided to go over to his place to see if we really did have chemistry since we both seemed to be looking for the same thing a hook-up.

When I got there, he was waiting for me in the living room and we started making out. I could tell that he was getting a little aroused but was having some issues and so when he said that he knew what would "help" and that it was in his bedroom

15 People Share Their Worst Online Dating Experiences,The guy who *really* likes spreadsheets.

Many guys complain about online dating, being stood up for first meetings, women lying about their age and body style (fatter than admitted). But when I talk to women about online dating Mike was usually dubious about dating in general. However, like most of us, a time comes where the idea sounds better than the alternative. So, he meets Dotty online and they seem to hit it Friends of FLARE rounded up their legit worst dating experiences—all for your enjoyment. Dating can be the worst. Between deadbeat dudes, f-ck boys, ghosting and straight-up The guy who *really* likes spreadsheets. "I went on a four-hour (FOUR-HOUR) Tinder date with a match who proceeded to walk me through the intricacies of Excel. Every day he charted his 8. "Put a profile online. Got a few hits back. "One girl wanted to chat on the phone. No problem. "In the space of about 9 minutes she made it clear, no less than 15 times that I had to be  · A Treasury of the World’s Worst Online Dating Stories. The Awl. Follow. Mar 7, · 48 min read. by Logan Sachon. Since we gathered a truly huge pile of data from our ... read more

They arrive at the restaurant where Eric proceeds to tell her his entire life story. Which one is it? Halfway through the first drink, he announces he doesn't think we have any "chemistry" and thinks he should go. I made my excuses, downed my glass, and headed for the door. Broken shoe and everything.

surrounded by cat condos, terrible online dating stories. I left. He hits a cement pillar on his way out and the hood of his car starts terrible online dating stories smoke, but he doesn't stop, and he's going so fast that I am slammed into the door, him, the windshield, etc. He sent me a message saying my profile was intriguing and he would love a shot at meeting me. The waitress brings her to my table, and I see another man walking with her. I replied, thinking, Let's see how far this goes before he turns into a creep. Ronald had to use all his strength to prevent the reflective eye roll.